Civil Engineering Department Paper Publishing Details Table:

Sr.No. Staff Name Paper name Topic name Date

Bhore Sagar M.
Journal of water resource engineering and management Water resource analysis and potential evaluation of Bhīma basin in Maharashtra May 2015
International journal of remote sensing and geoscience Potential evaluation of Krishna basin in Maharashtra (GIS Approach) May 2015
Technological advances for climate smart agriculture Piped distribution system of lift irrigation schemes (Case study on Tembhu lift irrigation scheme) January 2017
2 Prof Bhakare Vishal .S

Experimental and mathematical modeling development of stress block parameter with rectangular trough shape reinforcement Jul 2015
3 Prof. Shelake S.M. NCRICE 2017 Influence Of Steel Fiber On Compressive Strength Of Reactive Powder Concrete March 2017*


Prof. Gavade R.S.


Experimental Study And Comparison Of Test Results On Fiber Reinforced Concrete With Artificial Sand And Natural Sand
JAN 2016


Paper ID : CE102

Experimental Study On Comparison Of Strength Parameters of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Natural Sand And Artificial Sand
FEB 2016


Prof. Metkari A. A.


Application of Building Information Modelling to Construction Projects
June 2015


Prof. Adlinge S.S.


Pavement Deterioration and its causes
June, 2013


Prof. Saravade M.M.

International Journal of Novel Research and Development | ISSN: 2456-4184

>Utilization of Kitchen Waste for Bio-Gas Production

May 2017

IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering

>Load Carrying Capacity of Innovative Cold Formed Steel Column


International Conference on Environmental Impact in Manufacturing, Biotechnology and Construction

" Capacity of innovative Cold Formed Steel Column with perforation using Direct Strength Method"

February 2015